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attractions in Antalya
Hadrian's Gate
Düden Waterfalls
Konyaaltı Beach
Antalya Museum
Hıdırlık Tower
Köprülü Canyon
Antalya Toy Museum
Tekeli Mehmet Paşa Mosque
All these are the major tourist's attractions in Antalya. I have added these names to my cart and will visit them one by one when will go for the tour. I will start the journey towards  Antalya as will be back from my 2 day tour from Boston to Corning. This will be great and enjoyable travel time for me for sure.
After reading the names of tourist's attractions in Antalya now looking to go for it. I hopw to see varity of these places will make my travel time outstanding. Anyway, here I would like to read more about these places. So, why not to tell me what you know about it. Let start from Antalya Museum and its collection. Hope you like to talk about it freely.
I have heard lots of things about the Antalya through traveling freaks which had visited this destination personally in their traveling life. Anyhow, I appreciate you because you have shared great attractions name list of this destination here. All the attractions names sound really cool I will explore all of these attractions in future days, therefore, I added all of these places names on my bucket list.
Aaro, I would like to say that you are having really a nice sharing here about the attractions in Antalya. This is looking such a wonderful place to try out and have a fun time. I am thinking to take a tour of Antalya after ending my las vegas bus tours. What would you like to suggest me regarding this?
[Image: c88f9d26cfa5444fed602e1b522dce1c.gif]
Its good to know you all like my shared stuff and appreciated it. Must say it will remain a great idea if you will travel toward this region to explore these places. So, go ahead and enjoy yourself fully.Katie , If you are interested then should plan to be there soon and have some time around these places to make more fun memories.

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