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2- day tour - zieba - 02-12-2018

I am going to make my next 2 days more splendid and memorable for myself and for that have selected bus to niagara falls from boston. I am keen to be around this place in a quick way with my cousin who will join me soon at home. I wanna make this outstanding and for that looking for your suggestions. So share what comes in your mind?

RE: 2- day tour - Katie - 02-13-2018

Zieba, I must say that bus to niagara falls from boston will be really a nice way for you to spend a mind blowing time with your cousin and have fun. I will suggest you to must explore following places there like,
Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls IMAX Movie
Niagara Falls In-Depth Tour
Niagara Falls Night Illumination
Niagara Jet Boat
Old Fort Niagara
Thousand Islands
Thousand Islands Scenic Boat Ride

I will take los angeles one day tour

RE: 2- day tour - zieba - 02-16-2018

kate, I would liek to say that you have shared really best places names here. I like all and love to say I am back after having a great time period on this. That as too much exciting and thrilling for me as I have thought about this. I just love to recommend you all now must enjoy and collect long lasting memeories through this.

RE: 2- day tour - Katie - 02-23-2018

zieba, I am really happy to know that you liked my shared names of the things and come back after having a great time on all of them. I am keen to read your experience in brief details. Do you like to share that with me?