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Hi all,
Hi all, Shelagh is here. I am a newbie here and have just joined this great forum. This is mine first post here and I am really happy after to be the part of this really great forum. So sure that it's being really great to me to be the part of this forum for sure. what do you say all?
Hello, Shelagh, It is really nice to see that you are a new member of this community. My name is Katie and being a part of this board, I am going to say you warmly welcome here. I am hopeful this will be really a nice time for you to stay in touch here and talk about your favorite topics. By the way, what is the reason of your joining here?

I am glad to take niagara falls day trip from new york
Shelagh Welcome here as a member of this board. Hope spending time here with all of us will remain the best way for you. Anyway, buddy would you like to talk about yourself a little bit? I am keen to read and hope it could help us to know each other and discuss mutual interests.
This is something nice to have your great replies. I would love to let you know all the reason behind my joining as I just so much keen to get great stuff always for the variety of purposes. Traveling is top of that list as always willing to get massive stuff from various sources. I am a fun loving person so love always to do fun things and great conversations like that. so have joined this forum causes this will surely provide me the great incentives to make my time more reliable and informative for me. What says Is it prove great to me?
Shelagh, It is really good to see that you liked our replies and shared the reason behind getting participation in this community. Hope so, you will have fun there and will see a good sharing from your side. By the way, must talk something about your hobbies and favorite things with us?
Shelagh, being a member of this board will like to say welcome here. katie, like you I am also willing to know from her what she likes to do in her free time always and which thing insist her to have fun. I am so sure she will like to share with all of us.
zieba, I think its nice if you also welcomed to Shelagh on this board. I also wanna know about her hobbies and favourite things to do in a free time. I am hopeful she will share all details with us in her next reply. I am also waiting to read that.
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